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Environmentalists want Feds to go BACK and impound Cliven Bundy’s cattle AGAIN after agents abused him and his family in 2014

Federal prosecutors and the Bureau of Land Management could not have treated Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his family any more unjustly, but environmentalists are now pushing the government to go back to Bundy’s ranch and essentially steal his cattle again.

In case you missed it, in recent days a federal judge threw out a case against Bundy and two of his sons over “flagrant prosecutorial misconduct” stemming from a 2014 BLM raid. U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro had previously declared a mistrial after 3,000 pages of documents were turned over to Bundy’s defense team only after the trial had begun.

“I personally have never seen anything like this, especially in a case of such importance,” said Bundy attorney Bret D. Whipple.

In addition to prosecutorial misconduct, an internal investigation by BLM special agent Larry “Clint” Wooten found that personnel used “incredible bias” when they besieged the Bundy’s ranch in their initial raid, killing cattle and abusing family members and friends.

But now, extreme environmentalists want the federal government to take another shot — probably literally — at Bundy and his cattle-ranching operation near Bunkerville, Nevada, according to the Washington Times.

“We urge Interior not to leave this business unfinished. Time is of the essence,” says a letter from environmental groups to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. BLM falls under Interior’s jurisdiction.

“Interior must round up these cattle to ensure that a pattern of lawlessness backed up by violence does not perpetuate itself across the public lands of the Western U.S.”

In response to the letter, another Bundy attorney, Larry Klayman, said, “I would say, make our legal day.”

The ‘violence’ that these groups are referring to most likely relates to the fact that hundreds of Bundy supporters descended on his ranch to support and defend him after the BLM deployed heavily armed agents to round up his 400 cattle. Agents called off the roundup after they were met with such an overwhelming response.

But clearly, if there was any “violence” committed during the ordeal, it was against the Bundy’s and some of their supporters. As The National Sentinel noted, Wooten’s report included instances of physical abuse by BLM agents.

Wooten said in his 18-page report that BLM supervisory agent Daniel Love engaged in a “punitive and ego-driven” law-enforcement buildup at Bundy’s ranch that included at least one sniper, in addition to other officers with long-range rifles.

Also, at least one BLM agent kept a “kill list” that featured Americans who committed suicide while under investigation by the agency.

As for the Bundys themselves, agents referred to them as “douche bags” and “retards.” One boasted of “grinding” a Bundy family member’s face into gravel (which turned out to be Bundy’s son Dave; he was thrown to the ground and arrested for taking photos in violation of the BLM’s self-appointed “First Amendment Area” set up to keep the press away from what was happening).

Regarding Love, Wooten concluded that he conducted “the most intrusive, oppressive, large-scale and militaristic trespass cattle impound possible” against the Bundy family ranch, which has run cattle in the same part of Nevada since the 1870s. And he found that lead prosecutor and then-Nevada acting U.S. Attorney Steve Myhre engaged in “preferred ignorance” of details regarding portions of the BLM’s investigation and operations. (Related: Why it’s time to eliminate the BLM forever… and return millions of acres to the people.)

And now environmental groups want the government to go back and essentially repeat these abuses.


I’m guessing that if the Trump administration were to treat their organizations like the Obama administration treated the Bundy’s, they’d probably have an entirely different point of view.

As for Bundy himself, he’s considering a lawsuit against the Feds.

Meanwhile, Congress wants answers. Two GOP lawmakers are pressing BLM interim Director Brian Steed for information on the agency’s “apparent culture of impunity for law enforcement misconduct.”

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

Sources include:

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