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LIBS SEEK SCIENCE PURGE: “Hockey stick” climate change hoax artist demands Trump-supporting scientist be removed from the American Museum of Natural History

Why is it that liberals have to find a way to inject their radical political agenda into all that is good and wholesome, even when it comes to things that have absolutely nothing to do with politics at all?

James Delingpole of Breitbart News is now reporting that a group of 182 self-proclaimed “scientists” have penned an open letter to the American Museum of Natural History urging them to stop receiving donations from individuals who either support President Trump, are skeptical about the notion of manmade climate change, or both.

“The American Museum of Natural History in New York (AMNH) is a treasured and influential institution,” reads the letter, which goes on to say that the so-called scientists that wrote it are “concerned that the vital role of science education institutions will be eroded by a loss of public trust if museums are associated with individuals and organizations known for rejecting climate science, opposing environmental regulation and clean energy initiatives, and blocking efforts to reduce pollutants and greenhouse gases.”

The letter then goes on to call out these organization by name: “Rebekah Mercer and the Mercer Family Foundation, political kingmakers and the financiers behind Breitbart News, are major funders of climate science denial projects such as the Heartland Institute, where they have donated nearly $6 million since 2008.” The letter explains that the Mercer Family Foundation is a top donor for the C02 Coalition as well as the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, both of which, the letter asserts, believe that an increase in carbon dioxide emissions will be beneficial to plant and animal life on Earth. (Related: Climate alarmists have demanded the imprisonment of climate change skeptics.)

But what’s wrong with believing that more C02 will lead to more plant and animal life on planet earth? It’s a scientifically proven fact that carbon dioxide is plant food, and if our world really is going to get as warm as the liberals tell us it will, then that means more plants, more trees and more crops – the agricultural industry would be booming. But again, all of this is assuming that Earth really is getting as warm as the liberals tell us it is, which of course, it is not. (Related: All of the biggest lies about climate change and global warming are debunked in this one astonishing interview.)

Furthermore, it really is disheartening to read stories about liberals bringing their political ideology into things that just shouldn’t be politicized. The American Museum of Natural History is a good example of this, but frankly, the left’s habit of trying to advance their agenda at inappropriate places and times goes far beyond this.

Back in 2015, during a commencement address at the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut, Obama used the safety of our brave men and women in uniform as a vehicle for advancing his climate change agenda. The former president said that “climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security,” and argued that it is something that will have an enormous impact on “how our military defends our country.” Instead of delivering a patriotic, non-political message to the military individuals at the Coast Guard Academy, Obama found a way to slide his radical ideology into the speech and ruined what could have been a unifying event.

Politics is important, but there are certain things that it just shouldn’t be a part of. People who visit the American Museum of Natural History don’t care about politics; they care about getting a chance to see a large T-Rex skull inside of a glass case. Our beautiful American soldiers don’t want to hear endless rhetoric on how human beings are changing the climate; they want to focus on defending the country that they love.

This is an important lesson that they liberals should try to teach themselves sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, that’s likely never going to happen. See more coverage of the insane cultism of the Left at

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